Self-evaluation is an essential first step to quality improvement in education. Introducing a culture of self-evaluation at school is not easy. Schools (heads of schools) willing to introduce self evaluation at school often experience a strong reluctance of teachers who feel threatened by it. It should be carried out in an open participative democratic atmosphere at school on a non-threatening step by step way for teachers.

The self-evaluation of European school projects and of project based learning in general can be a first step in the direction of a culture of self-evaluation at school. These projects involve classroom activities and extra curricular activities, involve several actors and are an ideal combination for a less threatening introduction of self evaluation at school.

For most countries and schools this culture of self evaluation is new. Introducing it requires the right knowledge, the right material and the right strategies. On the other hand a lot of experience is available in some countries, in some schools and for some domains. Bringing all this together, share experience and generate useful material, further European cooperation and create European partnerships in this field are important aims of this network.